Solo Works

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Battle Fantasy - Fl, Pno
  • Battle Fantasy - Fl, Pno
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Battle Fantasy for Flute and Piano is a semi-programmatic piece meant to evoke imagination from the audience. The piece was written with a specific program in mind, but not meant to be listened to knowing the program. The audience member is meant to take the context (a battle) and while listening hear their own story. This idea grew from the concept of a conductor collaborating with a composer. There are times where a conductor will take liberties and interpret a piece much differently than a composer meant. Fascinated with this idea, I felt it possible to draw this effect on a smaller, more intimate scale. When listening to this Battle Fantasy, it is meant for the listener to hear the piece and, as if reading a story, hear what the piece tells them.
The piece has three main sections, a fast beginning, a slow middle, and a faster ending, as is common in a classical sonata, however, the compositional techniques are much more modern in feel. The whole tone scale is emphasized as well as the diminished fifth. A split fifth chord creates an ethereal feel in the slow section, and there is a rapid close into the end. This piece is dedicated to my professor Timothy Best, who showed me the beauty and awe of modern music. Without him, this piece would not be possible and my compositional awareness would be much narrower.

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Chamber Works

Large Ensemble

Symphony for Winds and Percussion - Wind Ensemble
  • Symphony for Winds and Percussion - Wind Ensemble
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My Symphony No.1 was born from the idea of a battle. The first movement is the preparation for battle and presents two opposing sides getting ready for battle. Families say goodbye to loved ones and both sides are hastily preparing for this battle. Finally both sides stand staring at their fates. The second is a funeral march in honor of those who have died in the battle. A lone trumpeter stands at the graves of those who died, remembering their sacrifice. The memory of the good times of those who died are represented in this march, but shortly after, the music builds into an emotional cry from all of their families. The third movement is simply the battle.

This Symphony was only possible with the help of Dr. Anne Guzzo, Dr. Robert Belser, and the entirety of the UW Wind Symphony and I would like to thank them with all of my heart and I hope you enjoy this adventure through my Symphony for Winds and Percussion.
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Parable of the Old Man and the Young - Pierrot  Ensemble w/ Soprano
  • Parable of the Old Man and the Young - Pierrot  Ensemble w/ Soprano
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The Parable of the Old Man and the Young is based off of the Wilfred Owen poem of the same title. This piece starts off wandering through a desert. Slowly as the piece progresses it becomes more mechanical. The piece is based heavily on the hymn “Nearer my god to Thee”, morphing the hymn as it progresses as well. The beginning, therefore, begins with a happy version of the hymn and, as it progresses, it becomes more mechanical and ominous. At one point, the music imitates an angel dancing down from heaven. This all leads to a dance of death that rushes into the very end.

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Death of a Revolution
  • Death of a Revolution
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This was commissioned by Dr. Andrew Pelletier for the Bowling Green State University Horn Club and premiered at the 50th International Horn Symposium. Inspired by the painting "Death of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David and depicts the beginning of the end of the French Revolution.

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