Symphony for Winds and Percussion - Wind Ensemble
  • Symphony for Winds and Percussion - Wind Ensemble
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My Symphony No.1 was born from the idea of a battle. The first movement is the preparation for battle and presents two opposing sides getting ready for battle. Families say goodbye to loved ones and both sides are hastily preparing for this battle. Finally both sides stand staring at their fates. The second is a funeral march in honor of those who have died in the battle. A lone trumpeter stands at the graves of those who died, remembering their sacrifice. The memory of the good times of those who died are represented in this march, but shortly after, the music builds into an emotional cry from all of their families. The third movement is simply the battle.

This Symphony was only possible with the help of Dr. Anne Guzzo, Dr. Robert Belser, and the entirety of the UW Wind Symphony and I would like to thank them with all of my heart and I hope you enjoy this adventure through my Symphony for Winds and Percussion.
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